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Powerful, feature rich websites that load properly on all devices and get businesses the results they need to succeed online.

Our Websites Drive Leads

Let’s face it – web design can be overwhelming if you don’t know what it is that makes for a successful and innovative site. Did you know that 48% of people believe website design is the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business?

Customers know a good website when they see one, and just as important, they know when a website is bad, because it leaves them frustrated and confused. And you definitely don’t want your customers feeling like that.

Website Forever

99.9% of the website developers out there will build you a website that will be obsolete over time. These developers hand you the site when it’s finished and walk away. The reason we are the best in the business is because as technology changes your website changes with the new technology. How do we do it?

Your website is directly connected to our platform so when there are updates your website is automatically updated. Another great fact is that we are constantly adding new features so you always have have a fresh state of the art website with the latest technology. The best part of it all? You will never have to build another website again.

CMS User-Friendly

Never be held hostage by a web developer again! Our super user-friendly website platform allows you to edit your website with no technical knowledge. We make site-editing faster because of our state of the art drag and drop editor. You can intuitively edit or add anything without touching a line of code. Simply drag and drop images, texts, blocks and make them live in a couple of clicks. The days of hand-coding pages are left in the past.

You finally have the freedom to edit your site on a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop from anywhere in the world.

Responsive Websites Features

With a mobile first mentality for the front-end, and a flawless CMS on the back-end, our award winning websites put our customers first. We create intuitive, simple, and engaging experiences for all users, on any screen size – and from any device.

A) Multi-Device Ready

Your website will effectively be fully responsive and will load properly on all devices at all times now and going forward.

B) SEO Help

We make sure your site is search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo) friendly making it easier for you to be found.

C) Analytics

Describe the item or answer the question so that site visitors who are interested get more information. You can emphasize this text with bullets, italics or bold, and add links.

D) Business Widgets

We use a variety of widgets designed to get you more phone calls, appointments, reservations, visitors and customers.

E) Reliable Hosting

All of our sites are hosted on the industry leading worldwide Amazon CDN making our hosting some of the most reliable money can buy.

F) Rock Solid Security

Our sites feature SSL encryption and reside on servers with 24/7 monitoring from Amazon, making us one of the most secure choices possible.

G) Social Media Ready

Our sites come with a full suite of social media integrations including Facebook commenting, shares, liking and much more.

H) Gorgeus Designs

Our sites are designed beautifully and fine-tuned to impress your customers online and off, you have a fully integrated design agency behind you.

Search Engine Optimized

All sites built on our advanced platform are automatically optimized to create conversion-driving user experiences and outstanding out-of-the-box SEO. For example, we refactor every site’s code for faster content rendering and also encrypt them automatically with auto-renewing SSL certificates. This helps boost SEO because speed and security are positive ranking signals on Google.

A) Mobile Friendly

Our platform optimizes images and text to comply with Google’s standards for mobile-friendliness.

B) Google PageSpeed Optimization

Our websites are automatically optimized for Google PageSpeed.

C) Global CDN

Load times are significantly reduced thanks to Our Global CDN (Content Delivery Network), which hosts all static files (such as images, pdfs, and docs).

D) Free SSL

SSL certificates are included with every responsive website, and can improve your websites’ SEO rankings.

E) Dynamic Serving

Your website automatically responds to the type of device (desktop, tablet or mobile) it is being viewed on and content is optimized accordingly to speed up load times.

F) Robots.TXT

Automatically included, robots.txt informs search engines which pages should and should not be indexed by search engines.

G) Sitemap

Our state of the art platform automatically generates a site map for each site. This informs search engines what pages they should crawl.

H) Open Graph Support

Share a website image, title and description with social networks including Facebook and LinkedIn using Open Graph.

I) Vary: user-agent

Vary: user-agent informs search engines that users will receive different content depending on their device type.

J) Page Titles

Control the title of each page for ultimate search engine visibility.

K) Meta Keywords & Descriptions

Control the keywords and descriptions for every page on a site.

L) Customizable Page URLs

Customize the URL for each page of your site. This improves search engine visibility and informs the user what page they are on.

M) Alt Tags on Images

Improve the ability of search engines to discover images on a website through tags.

N) 301 Redirects

Redirect one URL to another. Extremely helpful in maintaining strong SEO when switching from an existing site to your new website.


Would you like your site developed in more than one language? How about 55+? We develop websites in many different languages for clients near and far.

A) Expand your reach

You can now reach more customers worldwide – and a more diverse local audience – because our responsive websites are now available in multiple languages.

B) 55+ Languages

We develop sites in over 55 languages.

C) SEO Friendly

All businesses will boost their website SEO ranking with language-specific URLs designed for Geo-targeting.

D) Fully Customizable

You can easily edit every page in every language, so nothing gets lost in translation.

E) Under the Hood Access

With our platform you can access the code on every page if you like, to make adjustments per languages.

Stats & Analytics

Site stats are really important for showing the value of a site to a customer. Data can reveal information about site conversions and successes. It can also show site tendencies and weaknesses that can be used as a roadmap for making improvements.

A) Site Stats

Website stats including information about how many visitors come to your site, where they come from, which pages they visited, etc.

B) Per Device

View exactly what site visitors are doing on desktop, tablet and mobile.

C) Stat Information

Learn how many visits were made to each page in your site, how visitors engaged with the site, where they came from, which browsers and OS they used, and their geolocation.

D) Info at a Glance

This overview gives you the key information you need to know at a glance. With handy graphs, it’s easy to see what’s working (and what’s not).

E) Event Tracking

Get automatic tracking of events including Click-to-Call, Click-to-Email, Click-to-SMS, Mobile Map, Coupon clicks, and more.

F) Email Summaries

Access all site stats from your dashboard, or directly from any site. You can also sign up to receive stats summaries by email.

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