Software Integration

Software integration is a true combination of subroutines, software modules or the full programs with some other software components in order to develop any application.

Adfractal offers professional software integration services to enhance the functionality of existing software. By using the source code modification, our IT staff and developers provide you software integration services that help to grow your business rapidly.

Software Integration Process Followed at Adfractal

With the help of a two-dimensional model of the process capability, we give you result oriented software integration solutions. Under one dimension, we define the process dimension and classify it into the category of the process, and in the second dimension with the help of a set of the process attributes group, we define into capability levels.

Our Basic performance attributes

To define a software process we try to understand three life cycle stages: primary, supporting and the organizational. Lifecycle which is associated with all the activities of acquisition, engineering, operation and the supply process is given more attention. This helps our team give you unmatched software integration services at affordable prices.

Discuss your needs with us In the primary stage life cycle, we define the group. In the primary life cycle process there are many process groups including

  1. Acquisition Process group
  2. Preparation of acquisition
  3. Selection of supplier
  4. Agreement of contact
  5. Monitoring of the suppliers
  6. Customer acceptance

With the help of some measuring parameters like customers’ choice or acceptance to the project, we define customer requirements

  • In the second stage, the supporting life cycle process we focus on the activities of the life cycle of the process. In this category groups we give assurance of quality, joint audit and product evaluation group.
  • In the third stage, our managerial or the organizational cycle performs the activities of the management rules, resources, and infrastructure. Along with this, they also work on the improvement of the process done at this stage.

Software integration makes an integral part of our development services. We perform a thorough assessment of your software assets to make a list of apps that need to be

  • Eliminated
  • Replaced
  • Updated

Based on the assessment report, we integrate your existing apps and software with the newer solutions to help you get optimum benefit from them.

It is right time to start generating more out of your investment in software. Adfractal has unique experience and specialization in making your software work more effectively with its professional integration services.

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